Stress impacts everyone differently. Whether you’re about to welcome your first child into the world, you’re balancing a busy family along with an at home business, or you’re re-entering the workforce after raising your children, chances are as a woman living in this day and age, you know a thing or two about it.

“Stress is a process, not a diagnosis. We experience stress when there is an imbalance between the demands being made on us and our resources to cope with those demands” Better Health Vic .

With the growing pressure of everyday life, stress is inevitable. But the key to stress is finding ways to manage it before it becomes overwhelming.

Keep active - get moving even in a busy world

We have all heard it before - be active, you need fresh air, get those endorphins pumping! The truth is, being active doesn’t have to be pushing yourself through a high-intensity spin class (but hey, if you’re up for it...give it a go!).

Bellabeat range of health trackers, are designed for women who want to better manage their stress. Hidden in the form of a stylish piece of jewellery, Bellabeat provides you with vital information on your daily activities, steps taken and calories burned.

Attend a weekly boxing class? The leaf will track it. Take a restless baby for a walk around the block in hopes she will sleep? It’ll track that too. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at the office? Guess what, it’s gonna track it! Even the smallest activities add up, so using a health tracker such as the Bella Leaf is an easy way to keep active and manage your stress levels.

Other than activity, stress and sleep, you can also monitor your reproductive health and best of all you'll be reminded to put time aside to relax, using meditation and breathing exercises.


It’s a buzz word that you might have seen pop up on your instafeed, but Self Care Sunday was a term created by ‘self-help guru’ and author Melissa Ambrosini. Whether it’s a quiet cuppa before the kids wake up, a full day of pampering and lunch with the girls, or an hour to yourself at the beach, Melissa preaches self love! The Self Care Revolution is all about empowering women in order to make time for the most important person in your life….YOU! The theory is, in prioritising yourself, you allow yourself to become the best version of yourself, which then helps you be the best boss/wife/mother you can be. Whether you scroll through her instafeed, or read one of her books, Melissa is all about finding ways to reduce stress in your life by prioritising yourself. 

Mindfulness - there’s an app for that!

Soccer practice on Wednesday, a work lunch on Friday, Saturday is a friends 5th birthday party at the park and let’s not forget that Sunday is brunch with the family. The busier life gets and the more stress we endure, it becomes easy to lose focus on the present because we are so focused on everything else. Mindfulness suggests that “the mind is fully attending to what’s happening, to what you’re doing, to the space you’re moving through” (Mindful) . In order to practice mindfulness, you can develop techniques that teach you to live in the now.

There is a wide range of guided meditation apps available for iOS and Android, such as Calm and Headspace. Both apps provide free samples of how to practice mindfulness through guided meditation and breathing. Calming music and simple techniques, all guided by a soothing and relaxing voice….ahhh can you feel the serenity? If you’d rather keep your health on track through your Bella Leaf it also has inbuilt mindfulness feature which provides you with the guided meditation techniques you can introduce into your daily life to reduce your stress levels.

Make managing your stress levels a priority. Work out what techniques work for you, implement them in your life and get the tools you need to stay on track!

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