Practical, economical and ecological, reusable water bottles are friendly on your pocket as well as the environment.

Here’s 5 reasons to ditch the plastic for your next adventure.

  1. The top reason is obvious – save the planet and reduce our plastic consumption. Single use water bottles are filling up landfills and oceans, they take hundreds of years to break down naturally and are killing our marine life by the day. Reusable water bottles reduce your carbon footprint, you will save hundreds of disposable bottles every year just by investing in a reusable bottle – it’s a no brainer!
  1. Save your dollar. Desperate to save up for that dream house or holiday of a lifetime? Stop buying plastic water bottles, invest in a good reusable water bottle that will last you a few years and you’re bound to save some money. You can even spend it on a flat white instead – tap water is free, why pay for it.
  1. Keep track of your intake. If your dieting or looking to shed a few lbs water is the answer. Half the time when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty! Ensure optimum hydration, it not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps your brain functioning at its best.
  1. Explore the tech. Smart water bottles come in fancy colourways and with unique features, they’re more than just a water bottle. The Hidrate Spark 3 not only reminds you to drink up through it’s Bluetooth app, it actually lights up to remind you to drink and keep you on track. Whether you are heading to the gym, hiking or on an adventure a smart water bottle is the ideal accessory.
  1. For your health. Plastic water bottles can release harmful chemicals into the water that your drinking, particularly if heated up. Polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET) leaches antimony into water if left in hot environments. Antimony is actually considered hazardous to human health.

Ditch the plastic, it’s better for the environment, your health, your wallet and your conscience!

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