With climate change at the forefront of world news, particularly with the number of natural disasters increasing and the tragic bushfires currently ripping through Australia, brands are looking to do their bit to help the environment and encourage ecological trends in consumers.


Our Giftthis brands are encouraging healthy ecological living in their own unique ways.


Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane have introduced a brand new 100% biodegradable planet phone case that can be fully recycled. Made from PLA, a compostable bioplastic, the phone case not only comes with a chic pink planet engraved design, it offers 360 protection and is fully shock absorbent. With all the perks of your average phone case but the added benefit of helping protect our planet – it’s a yes from us.


Their eco-loving products don’t stop there either. Coconut Lane are all about supporting their ‘Vegan animal loving gals’. That includes all those taking on Veganuary. Reducing the amount of meat consumed reduces your carbon footprint significantly not to mention the well documented health benefits. To show their appreciation for those improving their ecological footprint they introduced a ‘Vegan’ phone case, because you’re not truly Vegan unless you tell everyone right?!



You could save up to $1,500 just by using a re-usable water bottle instead of a plastic one, that’s without mentioning the sheer amount of plastic you would save. HidrateSpark go one step further. Their smart water bottle technology not only encourages ecological living with durable reusable water bottles, the HidrateSpark 3 also lights up when its time for you to ‘drink up’.


Inspiring healthy living, the Hidrate app sends you notifications to let you know how you are getting on throughout the day, you can set yourself a water target that is achievable and increase it over time. You can even follow fellow Hidrate users – creating healthy competition is a great way to encourage sustainable healthy habits amongst family or friends and even in the workplace.


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