From a fleeting idea to selling products in ASOS and Pretty Little Thing, Coconut Lane’s girl bosses, Charlotte Stag and Jessica Lancaster are a success story for young aspiring entrepreneurs and with plenty of plans up their sleeve, they’re not resting on their laurels.

If their value statement isn’t enough ‘Class, sass and a of bit bad ass’  their Instagram oozes women empowerment and inspiration encouraging ‘Girl-Power’ amongst their ‘coconut-queens’.

With this ethos at the heart of all our products, we aim to inspire and motivate, turning the dreams of every #girlboss into a reality.’ – Coconut Lane

From innocent conversations where they were little, Jess and Charlotte knew they’d be business owners one day. It began with endless ideas until they took the plunge and Coconut Lane was born. It was a whim, a brilliant idea to speak on the behalf of young girls and put the sass in accessories.

Starting out in social media, both girls had an idea of building up a following and developing a brand voice to target their 16-24 year old audience. With 113k followers we’d say they’ve done exceedingly well.

The focus on empowering women shines through their product range with quirky designs including a boobs phone case alongside aspirational quotes and funky designs.

They’ve created a fun chic way to brighten up your wardrobe, with modern day fun, classy products. But most of all they inspire generations to follow their dreams.

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