Coconut Lane’s Biodegradable iPhone Case.

A phone is not complete without a phone case, protection is key if you don’t want a crack and if you love fashion, a quirky phone case is the key to owning your outfit. Leading accessory brand Coconut Lane are taking the idea of protection one step further, introducing the Bio-degradable iPhone case that protects the planet too.

100% biodegradable, the phone case can be fully recycled, supporting our planet as well as our social media and app addictions. Made from PLA, a fully compostable bioplastic material, it is fully shock absorbent, so if you accidentally slip whilst taking the world’s best selfie, there’s no need to panic. 

With 360-degree protection combined with raised buttons and cut out ports, you can rest easy knowing your camera will be safe, along with your best kept secrets and photos of your besties.

Fitting a range of iPhone models, the case is dusky pink in colour, embossed with a gold imprint of our planet earth, it’s perfect for channelling your inner fashionista and eco-warrior all at once.

With the summer months in full swing make sure Coconut Lane’s Biodegradable iPhone case is on your list, a case that you can be proud of to protect not only your phone but your planet too.


For more information on how to dispose of your case please contact

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