KuaiFit Headphones... Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need To Know About Kuaifit Headphones


So, at last, you've got yourself into a good fitness habit. But something, somewhere, feels like it's holding you back. Something’s weighing you down, and not letting you push the limits in your training. You’ve got a whole range of gadgets, gizmos, devices and phones strapped to various parts of your body – all measuring this and inputting that – making you move more like RoboCop than the Road Runner.

That’s where KuaiFit headphones come in. With heart rate tracking, smart voice coaching and music on the go – all without your phone – KuaiFit frees you up to follow your fitness goals. It’s just you, your coach and the elements.


KuaiFit smart coaching

KuaiFit isn’t just a set of headphones, this is a cutting-edge training tool that soundtracks your sessions, monitors your performance using clinically-validated biometric sensors, and delivers real-time voice coaching, all from something that sits comfortably on your ears. No phone necessary.

What does KuaiFit measure?

KuaFit has all of your vitals covered. It tracks heart rate, speed, pace, distance, laps, steps, cadence, calories, power (when paired with a bike sensor) and VO2 max.

KuaiFit Training: Free Training

KuaiFit’s open training mode is called Free Training. During these sessions your KuaiFit will read out notifications based on your performance.

All of the alerts are completely customisable, so you can choose when you get information on things like distance, pace and heart rate zone, all of which help to keep you working at the right level to achieve your goals. Need to burn fat? KuaiFit guides you into the right heart rate zone to do that more efficiently, so you don’t waste a second of your efforts.

You can tap the headphones to have the KuaiFit training tool read out data any time you need while training.

KuaiFit Training: Training plans from top coaches

For anyone who likes the idea of getting expert help to hit their goals, KuaiFit offers training plans, created by professional coaches who know exactly how to get results.

You can download and store up to three training plans on your KauiFit headphones at any one time, and they remember where you left off so your next session is always ready when it’s time to work out.

Each plan provides voice guidance through your workout from start to finish, so all you need to do is turn up, put in the effort and reap the rewards. Once you’re done, the sensors feed back into the training plans to see whether you’re on track or not.

Since there are new training plans added all the time – thanks to KuaiFit’s growing network of vetted, professional coaches – you’re basically future-proofing your training. Not to mention keeping your sessions fresh, exciting and motivational so you keep coming back for more.

KuaFit Cycling: It works for two wheels too

KuaiFit’s headphones also connect to bike cadence and speed sensors via Bluetooth or ANT+. Paired with KuaiFit’s cycling sensor or with your own, you can capture even more data while you’re in the saddle.

KuaiFit Music: Soundtrack to success

There’s plenty of research that proves music has the power to improve performance and KuaiFit’s built-in MP3 player, with room for more than 2,000 songs, has you covered.

KuaiFit’s cleverly positioned joystick controls make accessing your tunes on the move super simple, and skipping tracks to line up your power song has never been easier. Meanwhile the range of earbuds mean you can customise fit – and sound – to suit. Running someplace where you need to stay aware of the outside world? KuaiFit’s interchangeable gels have it sorted.

You can create playlists to sync to KuaiFit with drag and drop ease, and you can also sync with your phone to make the most of Spotify, iTunes Music and other streaming services.

Train With Your Heart: KuaiFit Heart Rate Tracking

KuaiFit’s optical heart rate sensor provides the super-accurate heart rate detection that powers your heart rate zone training, with personalised performance feedback in real time.

The science behind KuaiFit’s clinically-validated HR tracking

The KuaiFit optical heart rate sensor uses an infrared (IR) emitter to shine light onto the skin in your ear – specifically between the antitragus and concha, if you want to get biological – to detect your pulse rate. Since your carotid artery system and a capillary system are in this region, they make your ear one of the best places to take an accurate heart rate reading.

The sensor works by shining light through the skin, which is then reflected back by the body. Depending on whether blood flow is high or low that light level varies, allowing the sensor to detect a pulse.

KuaiFit’s optical heart rate tracker is clinically validated. That means that when compared to the gold standard of medical heart rate tracking, an ECG, the KuaiFit headphones are accurate.

To be specific the Duke University’s Center for Living carried out an ECG to KuaiFit heart rate sensor comparison study. The results found that the KuaiFit headphones offered a low standard of heart rate deviation of just 4 per cent. Even for calorie tracking, via energy expenditure measurements, the variance was just 7 per cent. When you consider that even the ECG has a standard deviation of 3 per cent, the KuaiFit headphones really are impressively accurate.

A second study, performed by North Carolina Wesleyan College and Campbell University, found a meagre 4.43 per cent of low standard deviation compared to ECG readings. So you’re getting data you can rely on.

Close up with the KuaiFit app and web tools

The dedicated KuaiFit app is built to take data captured by the headphones and show it off in real time, so you can see how you’re training. Equally as importantly, it means that after a workout you can analyse your efforts and identify ways to improve.

Use the app to see graphs of your performance, maps of your route, raw data and other stats. Plus you can set up audio feedback on your headphones so you’re told what you need to work on, such as pace, distance or time.

There’s a KuaiFit smartphone app for Android and iOS, plus a desktop version for a PC.

You can use the desktop tool to download your data from training in the form of a .FIT file. This is ideal for sharing to other fitness apps like Runtastic and MapMyFitness.

KuaiFit battery life

Even working at full force playing music, tracking movement and heart rate all at once, KuaiFit headphones can last a plentiful seven hours on a single battery charge. For most people, Ironmen aside, that should be enough to get in a good few training sessions before they need a quick recharge.

And when it comes to recharging, it takes just one hour to get the headphones back to full power.


KuaiFit specs

  • Storage: 8GB memory
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, optical heart rate
  • Battery life: 7 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Waterproofing: Sweatproof
  • Hardware: Microphone for voice recognition, headphones with outdoor and indoor buds
  • Controls: Joystick for music and training controls


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