Introducing the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle.


Is your New Year’s resolution to get your health back on track, lose those extra pounds or improve your energy levels? We’ll let you into a secret…Water is the answer. With endless health benefits, tracking your water intake with the Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water bottle will help you smash your New year health resolutions.


With links to weight loss, improved sleep and flawless skin, water really is the key to making us feel more energetic and look healthier in appearance.  Water makes up 60% of our body so becoming dehydrated has a detrimental effect on our performance - whether that be in the gym or at work. If you’re keen to improve at work or in the gym, make increasing your water intake your main goal.


The Hidrate Spark 3 tracks your daily water goals through a free app, with notifications reminding you where you’re at in the day and giving you that extra nudge to remind you to sink those ml’s and reach your target.


The bright colourways include Berry, Coral and Scuba; bang on trend for brightening up your gym/ office outfit. Illuminating when its time for a sip, the Hidrate Spark encourages you to spread your litres out throughout the day so you’re not cramming them in before bed and running to the bathroom in the night.


So start sipping and let the Hidrate Spark 3 take care of your New Year’s resolutions for you.

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