Comparing Pay Later Options

Life has been made so much easier when shopping online with the "pay-later" option. But, it's not so easy to decide which one works best for you, especially when there are a fair few to choose from.

For our store, we've partnered with zipPay which is simple to use and convenient.

Out of the many pay-later platforms, other options include Afterpay and Oxipay.

Which do you feel will suit you? You have to consider your own situation, as each pay-later options have a number of pros and cons. 

We've outlined a quick summary below.

Pros Pros Pros
  • Interest-free for the entire term
  • Changeable pay frequency
  • 60-day fee free
  • Interest-free for the entire term
  • No monthly transaction fees
  • No upfront or ongoing fees
  • Interest-free for the entire period
Cons Cons Cons
  • Monthly fees, apply after 60 days
  • Minimum of $40 repayments required
  • Late payment fee of $15
  • A fee of $30 for payment collection
  • Unable to change the payment schedule
  • Repayment term is only 8 weeks


For a more detailed explanation, please check out the links below:

Let us know which option you prefer and whether you'd like to see additional pay later options added?

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