Your mid to late twenties and beyond are filled with personal growth. No matter what path your life is heading down, the chances are once you hit your mid twenties you’ll start to notice a few things about your health. Maybe that sneaky late night cheeseburger that you devoured on the weekend is starting to show in places it never did, eight hour sleep is just your minimum to feel alive or your water intake is on a steady incline, but this is the time where your own health and wellbeing takes centre stage.


Since becoming a mother, I have become increasingly aware of the state of my health. Where previously I had very little regard for how I was taking care of myself, now I want to know everything I can to ensure I am living the best and healthiest life possible. Tracking your health has never been easier with the rise in popularity of fitness trackers. But for a fitness rookie like myself, it is easy to get lost in the various products available on the market. Here we take a look at some of the most popular products currently on the market.


Bellabeat -from $169.95 AUD

It’s a fitness tracker that is tailored more to women. The Bellabeat Leaf has health-tracking technology that connects your body and mind. It tracks your daily activity, sleep, mindfulness and menstrual cycle. Unlike other trackers, the Bellabeat has been designed not only for functionality but also style. It’s simple leaf design is able to be attached to clothing or worn as jewellery to ensure its both practical and stylish. It aims to teach the user good habits by providing customised reminders regarding your health and wellbeing each day at the same time. They have a range of trackers available, and a number of accessories to ensure you find the right product for you.


Spire - from $129.95 AUD

Spire works a little differently to other fitness trackers as it attaches and stays on your clothes. Once attached, the Spire tag discretely attaches to your clothes all day and can even be put through the washing machine. It provides tracking information on your heart rate, activity level, sleep quality, breathing patterns and stress levels. Each Spire tag has a 1.5 year battery life which means you don’t need to worry about charging it and because it attaches to your clothes it is extremely comfortable to wear all day. Though the tags are available for sale as a single tag or a pack of 3, 8 or 15, the biggest limitation of the tag would be remembering which items of clothing you have yours attached to and having to switch them around. 


FitBit - from $299.95 AUD

It’s the OG of the fitness trackers, and one of the most popular on the market. The FitBit is designed to look like a watch, and is worn on the wrist of the user. The FitBit tracks every part of your day including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.They have tailored their products to now offer a wide range of different watches that can be suitable to almost anyone. The product has a four day battery life and is a super lightweight design. However, unlike the Spire and Bellabeat the FitBit is a lot less discreet as it is attached to your wrist. If you’re not a watch or jewellery wearer, it may take some time to adjust to your new bit of arm candy.


Moov - starting from $80AUD

Moov have a variety of fitness tracking products on the market and are categories as either Moov HR or Moov Now. The Moov Now is an AI fitness trainer, which provides the wearer with audio HIIT fitness training and coaching. Unlike the other Fitness Trackers on the market, Moov has a particular focus on providing you with exercising which can be complete under the guidance of the tracker whilst in your own home. It provides a range of exercises including cardio boxing, circuit and running. The Moov HR is a heart-rate powered sweat band which provides an accurate EKG heart-rate reading. It provides a comprehensive reading of your heart-rate and uses that information to provide you with tailored exercises which are focused on attaining your fitness goals. Unlike other Fitness Trackers, Moov has been made by athletes, which means it has a more fitness and exercise focus, instead of a holistic health and wellbeing product.

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