"Before my daughter was even born, I despised baby bags. I was under the impression that a baby bag would be one of the most important pre-baby purchases I would make."

I spent hours researching the different types of bags and the number of zips and pockets each bag had. Eventually I decided on what I thought would be the perfect oversized and slightly less unattractive baby bag for me. 

Fast forward a few months and I was in the depths of new motherhood. I went everywhere with that bag. Whether I was running down to the shops to grab some milk, or going on an overnight road trip….that bag came with me and my new little bundle of joy. But I quickly came to the realisation, the bag was so big it didn’t fit in my pram. I also quickly realised, I never used the thing. Much to my surprise, I didn’t need to change my daughter's outfit 30 times every time we left the house. Toys? HA! My daughter hated the things. 75 nappy changes? Not a chance. I was lugging this huge bag around for absolutely no reason other than the fact I was kinda told I had to by all my mum friends.

That’s when I realised the secret thing about my baby bag - it didn’t have to be the oversized, unattractive bag that had the ‘baby bag’ price tag on it. As silly as it sounds, it never occured to me (blame it on the pregnancy hormones messing up my brain), that I could use any bag. So that’s when I made the change.

My daughter wasn’t even 3 months old and I went against everything I had ever been told about baby bags and the requirements of a newborn, and I got rid of the thing. I knew I still needed a bag big enough to carry our necessities, but I wanted something which was stylish enough to not scream “MUM”. After more endless nights of searching, I replaced my baby bag with the Spark Reversible Tote. 

Running a business whilst being a mum has proven to be quite the juggling act. After returning to work just four months after having my daughter, I was always on the lookout for gadgets that simplified my life. The best thing about this bag is it has a USB cord to recharge most smartphones with a rechargeable battery which stores enough power to charger my phone twice whilst on the go. It’s stylish reversible design comes in black, which is perfect for a more professional look, and tan, which I loved for a more casual style.

Back in those early baby days I was able to throw in a change of clothes for my daughter (because a poo-explosion is almost a rite of passage in early motherhood), a muslim wrap, a nappy wallet and a small lunch box with the essentials for on the go feeding. Now days, as long as I have an endless supply for snacks, water and our nappy wallet, we are good to go. 

So if you’re currently scrolling through baby bag inspo or you’re fed up and ready to ditch the over sized baby bag you’re currently lugging around, consider a tote….you’ll thank me later!

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